Assange Support Community: Dawson vs. Johansen

jimmys llama
14 min readApr 11, 2021


It’s probably been difficult for Assange supporters to miss the latest drama in the community between Suzie Dawson and Ray Johansen. A few days ago, Johansen’s associate, Pamela Drew, published a lengthy document about Dawson’s shady background which is pathetic in the sense that some of us have been publishing about Dawson and her grifty, fascist #Unity4J campaign since 2018.

Dawson bashed us, repeatedly called some of us feds, and no one stood up for us and told her to stop. On the contrary, the Assange kool aid drinkers took part in the mafia tactics, mobbing, threats, harassment, and calling everyone feds who wouldn’t toe the line or asked uncomfortable questions.

And now here comes Johansen and friends openly attacking Dawson after merely hinting their disapproval for the last three years while people like me, Class Conscious’ Davey Heller, and Mason Bee took hit after hit. I mean, remember Johanse — er @AnonScandinavia’s old Twitter account, @AnonScan, and like three videos they published hinting at their disapproval over Dawson because they never had the courage or balls to come out and say something directly? Right.

So lemme guess…none of you actually asked yourselves why Johansen and friends, after all this time, are doing this now, well AFTER Dawson’s #Unity4J completely decimated Assange support. I mean, if we were to follow @AnonScandinavia’s lead — you know, Johansen’s little friend — I thought that Dawson and her friends were a “dying echo chamber?” Isn’t that right, Mr. Johansen, Anonymous Scandinavia, Anonymous Sweden, or whoever it is you’re masquerading as today? And yet now he’s going full tilt against Dawson and ya’ll never bothered to ask why.

Let’s go back to the beginning: There’s no doubt that Dawson is a grifter, she’s lied repeatedly about being harassed and intelligence agencies trying to murder her. Her evidence that proves all of this literally proves nothing, her statements are easily debunkable (if you don’t drink the kool aid), and she’s been calling activists “feds” in order to destroy support and reputations since Occupy Wall Street. This has been her M.O. for a decade.

What’s wrong with her? I have no idea but since 2018, myself, Davy Heller, and Mason Bee have been exposing her grifting, #Unity4J’s open invitation to fascists and Trump insiders, and Dawson using her NZ political party to grift money and promote herself while running the party into the ground.

Nobody cared and even the @DefendAssange account after it was taken over by a “member” of Assange’s legal team after his comms were cut in 2018, privately approached me and demanded to know what “my beef” was with Dawson because nothing says legit like a WikiLeaks insider and member of the legal profession protecting fraudulent activity and getting in the faces of Assange supporters to do just that.

In fact, Johansen also supported Dawson’s previous campaigns and he’s literally the one who proposed that Dawson’s political party be invited to join the Pirate Party while he was chair of PPI. When Barrett Brown started the Pursuance Project, it was Johansen who was in charge of onboarding and guess who was invited to join? Yup. Dawson.

At this point, she had already lied about agents trying to kill her among other insane things like Obama lifted what she said in a radio interview one night and used it in a speech a few days later. She also claimed she had to flee New Zealand but we all know now that she actually spent most of that time traveling and vacationing.

She even claimed that while she was in Kazakhstan the authorities tried to kidnap her but thank god she was able to escape the country like Jane f*cking Bond (insert eye roll). And the best part about all of this is that long-time Assange supporters who love to degrade new activists because they “know best” either didn’t care or NONE OF THEM did their homework, especially Johansen who allowed her to join Pursuance and then pushed for her political party to join the Pirates.

So the next time a long-time Assange supporter wants to tell you that they know best, tell them to go fuck themselves and then ask them why they didn’t clean up this mess before you came along and why the noobies had to bring this shit show to the community and public’s attention.

Anyhoo —

The honeymoon ended in December 2017 when Dawson had like a seven-day meltdown about Pursuance Project. She literally lost it, made up a bunch of shite, and it wasn’t the last time she did something like this. Her next mental break happened a few months later when she went on like a two-week bender against journalist Whitney Webb.

And Ray Johansen is so mad at little ol’ me because he finally met a woman he couldn’t control, who proved what a liar he is, and who he can’t get to shut up that he won’t even retweet my article about Dawson’s attacks against Pursuance even though its the most thorough in-depth story about what happened. Poor guy. What happened to it isn’t about the messenger, it’s about the message? Snippet:

So yes, Dawson is bad news but you know what? Blame @WikiLeaks @DefendAssange and @Couragefound, ESPECIALLY @DefendAssange, for this dumpster fire. They’re the ones who promoted her and gave her #Unity4J campaign legs AFTER Assange’s comms were cut and despite WikiLeaks warning everyone about her back in 2016. They were literally supporting her while her campaign was abusing fellow activists and calling them feds. SMH

So fast forward to today. Johansen never spoke out against Unity4J welcoming fascism or Trump insiders like Cassandra Fairbanks and Jack Posobiec into the movement. Sure, he retweeted a few things here and there about Unity and Dawson but actually taking a stand himself? Not really. In fact, his buddy, @Cens0redAK, was doing work for Unity FOR YEARS, as was his other friend, Kitty Hundal. Imho, what Johansen is upset about stems from her 2017 freak out on Pursuance that he says cost Pursuance Project a lot of investment money. And yet, even AFTER Dawson screwed Pursuance over, Johansen STILL went on her first #ReconnectJulian vigil which quickly morphed into #Unity4J.

Some of us warned you three effing years ago about building a movement on quicksand i.e. morally corrupt/bankrupt individuals, fascism, grifting and, oh my, how’s that working for Assange today? And this latest op that Johansen is running against Dawson is him riding the coattails of all the hard work others did, their courage and refusal to sell out, and all the abuse and defamation they endured.

Eventually Dawson was forced to step down as the face for Unity (you’re welcome) and #Unity4J morphed into a new campaign called #Action4Assange led by Taylor Hudak, and Steven Poikonen and @AndrewZigmund, hosts of the Slow News Day Show. Hudak is the spokesperson for all things Dawson grift because ya gotta keep making that money off the backs of victimhood, Assange, and supporters, amirite? So here’s the super fun part —

Two activists who had taken part in Action4Assange went public last year about the abuse in that campaign, as well. One female activist was sexually harassed while her boyfriend was repeatedly called a fed…because that’s what these paranoid freaks do. Of course, everyone buried that abuse too because “Mah gawd it might hurt Assange!” Jesus…

Because talking about endless lives being subjected to Assange supporters’ abuse, threats, terrorist tactics, and endless defamation that is never acknowledged or apologized for is completely off the table but death threats are a good look for Assange?

Trying to deplatform journalists and fellow activists because *gasp* @GreekEmmy just couldn’t handle a journalist calling a supporter a c*nt for lying about an entire pro-Assange series they wrote is a good look for Assange? I guess no one loves censorship more than WikiLeaks supporters.

And calling every activist a FED or JTRIG agent that you don’t like or who disagrees with you or calls out your fraudulent activity is a good look for Assange?

Or pushing for Trump’s reelection and the white washing of his history AFTER Trump was complicit in covering up Saudi Arabia literally sawing a journalist into pieces AND the capital insurrection, all in an effort to procure a pardon for Assange is a good look for Assange?

Or the four years that WikiLeaks spent pandering to the far-right was a good look for Assange?

Or trying to hijack other activists’ work like #Action4Assange and Taylor Hudak trying to steal Dack Rouleau’s work as their own was a good look for Assange?

Cassandra effing Fairbanks was a good look for Assange?

But heaven help the movement if we try to stop abusive behavior in the community because it might destroy Assange. My god.

As for this latest op, I honestly don’t see how no one saw the Johansen and company coup coming: Not only did they go after Dawson, they’ve essentially cleaved #Action4Assange from Dawson/Unity4J. Did ya’ll not notice the whole #Clovers4Assange thing? Did ya’ll not notice Johansen and his friends sucking up to Hudack in the beginning despite her being the spokesperson for Dawson’s grifting?

Did ya’ll not notice Johansen and friends like Mark Lubbers promoting #Action4Assange’s despite the fact they were directly tied to Dawson? Did you not notice Lubbers defending Dawson just a few months ago? Looool come ON.

So why is Johansen and company doing this now? Well, of course it was right before the anniversary of Assange getting arrested. Try going back in history. This is what they do. He’s also pushed activists into a no-win situation: You can either side with him who is an outright abusive hacktivist or support grifty Dawson who steals money from naive supporters.

Most don’t have the stomach or courage but there is a third choice if you actually have a moral compass: DON’T SUPPORT EITHER.

Reason #2: Activists who don’t like Dawson but are afraid to speak out will see Johansen et al as someone with a common interest and might reach out to him to privately bitch about her. Knowing how he operates, my guess is that Johansen will use this to social engineer them, gather information, and use it against others later. He’s HOPING people contact him over this.

Reason #3: Johansen and his associate Cens0redAK seem to want to destroy Dawsons’ Panquake because it’s a competitor of SoMee Social, an online platform that Johansen and Censored are a part of. I warned you guys about SoMee Social before but god forbid anyone listens to me.

CensoredAK is mentioned throughout the Rabbit Files because he’s a liar, threatens women, and spews more propaganda than the CIA. He claims he’s in the Mueller report (he’s not), that he saw the DNC emails unecrypted before WikiLeaks published them, and cries about being “the most targeted journalist on the internet.” Lol please. Thank god Assange isn’t on Twitter anymore or that would awkward.

Like Dawson, Johansen, and their associates, he does these things to garner trust and sympathy within the activist community which is obviously a super sketch thing to do → playing “targeted victim” is the #1 tactic used in this community. If you want to know how full of shite this fight is between Dawson and Johansen — Dawson told Cens0red that she was shocked he might be a part of it.

Looool “struggling to believe…” Please. The dude is mental who threatens activists and lies about what he had for lunch. Dawson’s just mad that this wacko is no longer supporting HER. Furthermore, his BUDDY Johansen has threatened a multitude of activists and journalists and then plays dumb about it because there’s nothing sadder than a 54-year man sitting online threatening women and then playing stupid about the evidence that shows he does just that.

And this little line that Cens0redAK used, that he’s spoken to lawyers already? Right. He used the exact same line against me, too, after he himself published an entirely defamatory piece about me. Kinda like how Johansen threatens everyone that he has “an army of 100 hackers” that will come after you because, you know, he’s sensitive.

So while Johansen is crying about Dawson’s Panquake grifting, he’s literally trying to grift on SoMee Social.

Reason #4: Since 2018, Johansen, Jesselyn Radack, and @HumanOfMind have been dragging activists into their drama with Trevor Fitzgibbon and Thomas Schoenberger which is being exposed in my latest series The Rabbit Files. Imho, this is Johansen’s way of trying to get more supporters while the series is being published because the three of them look shady AF at this point and it’s only going to get worst.

This past week alone @JesselynRadack sat on Twitter trying to dox me because that’s a totally normal not a fed snitch move AT ALL to try and dox activists and journalists as a whistleblower attorney who used to work for the U.S. government in the ethics division. Totally normal legit behavior to try and put activists and their families in danger…

And Anonscan recently returned to Twitter under a different handle only to encourage activists to snitch to them and upload docs from their computer to Anonscan’s sketch Embassy Cat website using Assange as the carrot because that’s also a totally normal thing to do in the activist community. Seems the point was to try and help @HumanOfMind win a countersuit that was filed against her by Fitzgibbon. Thread:

So wrapping this up, yes, it’s amazing to watch poor Suzie Dawson crying about being attacked and “smeared” after she’s done it to so many activists in the past. She’s getting everything that she deserves. It’s also amazing to watch Johansen who threatens activists and is a pathological liar hit rock bottom when even Dawson calls him out on his insane lies like him telling her he was on the board of Courage Foundation. HOWEVER —

Just remember, Dawson might be getting what she deservers but it’s at the hands of some people who also have a track record of being just as nasty and manipulative as Dawson. Why these people can’t just be nice and stop lying, gaslighting, abusing, threatening, defaming, and stealing from fellow activists is beyond me but here we are.

Also remember that you have a third choice: Don’t support either of them. The only people who are going to make money off of two waring sides are the two waring sides: Panquake and SoMee Social. Haven’t you even asked yourself why Johansen is playing right into Dawson’s “I’m targeted” narrative or who actually leaked that Johansen/Raincoaster conversation?

And keep in mind how stupid you’re going to feel in a week, two weeks, or a month from now if Dawson and Johansen “make up” and say everything’s fine now because as a cult member and kool aid drinker, you’ll be forced to accept both shitty sides, not just one.


WikiLeaks starts cozying up to the far-right crowd and Trump supporters. They push Pizzagate and tweet about Seth Rich repeatedly, even into 2017.

WikiLeaks drops Vault 7 and everything seems fairly okay in the support community aside from some bumps in the road here and there. AnonIntelGroup, a group of Anonymous members including Johansen, CensoredAK, Raincoaster, and Kitty Hundal start a campaign questioning WikiLeaks and accusing Assange of a host of things like helping Trump get elected. Johansen and Radack’s associate, @HumanOfMind, appears to call members of AnonIntelGroup her good friends. No long-time WikiLeaks supporters seem to have a problem with Dawson at this point. The hashtag #FreeAssange is still being used but this will change repeatedly once Suzie Dawson’s #Unity4J campaign comes on the scene. In December, Dawson goes after Pursuance. Everything changes.

In late March, Assange’s comms are cut at the embassy. Dawson immediately starts the #ReconnectJulian campaign with the help of people like Kim Dotcom and @BellaMagnani. WikiLeaks, Courage Foundation, @DefendAssange, and other big Assange support accounts start promoting it. As time goes on, anyone who questions Dawson, Dotcom, or the campaign are defamed and called feds, JTRIG agents, and infiltrators. Rather than stand up against abuse, Assange supporters join the mob, indulging in cancel culture and gamergate tactics. WikiLeaks and Courage Foundation do nothing to stop it. On the contrary, @DefendAssange privately contacts activists demanding to know what their problem is with Dawson. Fascists openly welcome in Dawson’s pro-Assange campaign.

Whistleblower attorney Jesselyn Radack, WikiLeaks supporter @HumanOfMind, and Ray Johansen start dragging activists into their drama with Trevor Fitzgibbon (if not sooner i.e. Radack starting dragging me into it during the summer of 2018). Two active campaigns now dividing the community: Unity4J and Radack/Johansen using Fitzgibbon as the trigger because they believe he’s taken over WikiLeaks, Assange, and the entire world at this point. Activists are attacked, defamed, and deplatformed for questioning obvious discrepancies and conflicting messages about Assange being disseminated by his attorneys and/or people who have visited him in prison vs. activists like Dawson and Cassandra Fairbanks who appear to have a direct line to Assange’s mother and/or Stella Moris.

Dawson eventually forced to step out of the limelight and #Action4Assange becomes the latest incarnation of #Unity4J. Members of Anonymous start using “Clovers4Assange” and promoting #Action4Assange and Taylor Hudak despite their close ties to Dawson. Even Johansen starts retweeting Hudak and appearing supportive despite the fact she’s the spokesperson for Dawson’s personal grifting. Like #Unity4J, #Action4Assange harasses and defames other activists, calls them feds, and sexual harassed at least one female member.

Radack, Johansen, and @HumanOfMind go full tilt trying to drag anyone they can into their insanity with Thomas Schoenberger and Trevor Fitzgibbon, defaming and attacking activists, if need be. @HumanOfMind files court documents framing an activist and journalist as a supporter of a domestic terrorist group. In the fall, Johansen and friends start an operation to ruin the reputation of different people, including myself, all for different reasons including what appears to be an effort to sway U.S. court decisions that @HumanOfMind is involved in. They do this under the guise they’re debunking Qanon. #Action4Assange and Dawson together continue to defame activists with Dawson publishing an entirely false article that one supporter was sending death threats to Taylor Hudak.

After wooing #Action4Assange, Johansen and associates openly attack Dawson and seem to successfully cull the campaign from Dawson/Unity4J. Divisions are now Dawson/Unity/Panquake with the support of people like @GreekEmmy versus Action4Assange/Johansen/Clovers4Assange. The third divisive operation is Radack/Johansen/HumanOfMind/AnonScandinavia still using Fitzgibbon and now Qanon as triggers. Anyone who speaks out about these groups are attacked and defamed.


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